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Gymnastics in Brampton

with two time Olympian gymnast

Brad Peters

In Brampton for 30 years 

Choose a program

best fit for your child


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 Gymnastics is one of the most interactive sports for children
ages 3-16yrs.

Improves physical fitness, social growth, discipline,
mental health and more...

We offer year round programs for beginners to high level competitive.
You can
start anytime and go monthly until you have reached your potential.

Taught by coaches under the direction of two time Olympian 

Brad Peters.

You can learn Cartwheels,
Handstand, Handsprings,
Tumble Track, Balance Beam,
Uneven Bars
and more...

Register today and reserve a spot for the new year!


 Limited Spaces 

Competitive Gymnastics

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(Ages 2-3 yrs)
(Ages 4-6 yrs)
(Ages 4-6 yrs)
(Ages 6-15 yrs)
(Ages 5-12 yrs)

Girls Competitive

(Ages 6-15 yrs)
(Ages 7-18yrs)

Our competitive program is for kids that have some ambition to take gymnastics to the highest level. We have groups that train minimum 9 hrs per week up to 16 hrs per week.

Must be assessed before joining ! 

Call today for assessment!

Cleaning and Disinfecting Video

Social Distancing Video

Under the guidance of


Brad Peters 

two time Olympian

call 905 793 3648


New Facility

240 Clarence St Unit 4/5

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Tel: (905) 793-3648

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Keep kids training and active


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