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  • What do I wear for Gymnastics?
    We have a required leotard to purchase for your classes you can wear this with with or without shorts. Long hair should be pulled back without hard barrettes please! For Safety Reasons: Please long hair tied back and no socks or shoes. We discourage jewelry, hooded sweatshirts, jeans or street pants, belts zippers and baggy clothing. Leotards can be sized at the gym by appointment call 905 793 3648.
  • How many children are in a class?
    Recreational programming & kinder programs are limited to 8 children in a class per coach.
  • How is class placement determined?
    If you are unsure of which program you child should be placed in, we can have one of our head coaches assess them on their skill level and place them in the appropriate class.
  • It’s a few weeks into the session. Can I still register my child in Gymnastics?
    Yes! Our membership is based on monthly payments. So anyone can join a class anytime in the season.
  • What payment options do you accept?
    Debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express online through our registration, over the phone or you can make payments in our facility.
  • How can I join the competitive program?
    If you are interested in the competitive program, email us for an assement so we can determine weather or not your child would fit well with in the program.
  • Contacting Coaches
    If you would like to have a quick discussion you can talk to your coach after class for general information. For more detailed information or any concerns about the program please contact Brad by email ( or Jessie at He or she will get back to you within 24hrs. Please do not contact the coach by any other format other than through these to keep a consistent record of communication throughout the year.
  • Make-up Classes
    There will be no make-up classes offered as all training days are required. Payments will continue to be processed during any personal vacation time that does not correspond with the scheduled gym closures. All holidays are incorporated into the monthly pricing. However, the coach has the authority to switch a child’s level anytime throughout the year or move him/her to a more appropriate group, increasing or decreasing in level.
  • The day or time I registered for no longer works for us. Can we switch to another day or time?
    Yes, we can transfer your child to any different class at anytime.
  • Gym Closures
    Please follow our Instagram (@gymnasticgiants) and Facebook and website accounts for updates on closures and exciting posts featuring our club. All scheduled mandatory holidays are included in the competitive pricing as your payments are calculated as a equal payments per month. There are no make up days for scheduled holidays. This includes Christmas and Summer Holidays.
  • Are snacks and water bottles permitted?
    No food or water are permitted in the Gym. Snacks and water bottles can be retrieved in the lobby or water can be retrieved from our water dispenser.
  • Payment Policy
    Payment can be made with Credit Cards... Visa, Master Card, Amex or by bank draft ( automatic debt withdrawal from checking account.) Only. A credit card must be saved on file regardless of preferred payment option. There are no refunds after any payments have been processed. We do not accept cash payments under ANY circumstances to protect the premises. First and last months fees are due upon registration. There are NO makeup classes for classes missed. Only if the club cancels due to weather. Or unforeseen circumstances. Camp - Payment is due in full at time of registration. Late Payments!! All payments are due on the 1st of each month. There is a $10 late payment charge for each month if payments are received after the 5th. No exceptions. All declined payments will be subject to an automatic $25 fee - no exceptions. Classes will be restricted by the coach (via an alert) after a period of 2 weeks past due payment.
  • Cancellation Policy
    Cancellation anytime with these guidelines. 1. All cancellation requests must be made one month prior to termination of class. You will be charged for the following month. If past the 1st of any month , the month is owed. 2. Cancellation by email only. Once email to is received, Gymnastic Giants confirm cancellation. 3-Medical Emergencies: athletes are able to receive a full in-house credit for any missed class(es) due to medical emergencies with a written doctor's note. 4- The contract is continuous monthly payments . There is no month off for vacation otherwise items 1 and 2 terms of the cancellation policy will be applied. No exceptions. Birthday Parties: Deposits are non-refundable should you decide to cancel your party. There are no refunds once a payment has been processed for tuition and competition fees
  • Registration & Enrollment
    This will be encompassed into the first and last months initial payment upon registration. A minimum enrollment is a two month period upon registration. Once registered, your child will automatically be registered into the same class month after month. No need to re-enroll every month. Parents are able to view athletes from the viewing room. ** A mandatory annual registration fee is applied to each participant for any type of gymanstics registration. This fee encompasses the Gymnastics Ontario (our governing body) annual insurance fee. This fee cannot be discounted is non refundable. Registration fees are transferable to/from any Gymnastic Ontario affiliated clubs. If you are transferring to/from any clubs, please be sure to indicate this in the comments section when you register. This fee will not be applied for birthday parties. REACREATIONAL & COMPETITION CLASSES ONLY: No terms, no commitment, automatic renewal.
  • Days and Monthly Payments
    All payments are made by visa on file with the club. Any decline of cards is a $25 charge. Payments made after the 6th day of the month are charged a $10 late fee. No exceptions. Monthly payments are based on an equal payment plan for the entire year which means that all holidays are accounted for in the monthly price! This is a full year program July 1st to June 30th so be prepared to commit to the year. We hire our staff for the year based on the number of kids enrolled in the group and your commitment is part of the success of this program. All athletes are required to train all days/times their class is offered. Your fee is based on the number of training hours per week with no exceptions. It is your responsibility to attend all trainings.
  • Contact between coach and athlete
    Personal texting, phoning or contacting through social media between athletes and coach is no longer allowed. There have been too many complications and intrusions of privacy that we can no longer allow. To keep professionalism quality, contact is done only at the gym or through Brad and parents through email or at the club. Meetings can be set up for extra communication.
  • Mandatory Check-In
    It is now mandatory for all students and parents to identify themselves when coming into the gym at a new station we put at the front foyer and as well at the desk . - We will provide new ID membership cards to each member for free then if lost the ID card will cost $5 to get a new replacement cards - Each Student will have their own ID provided by the and must be picked up by the parents The new system will work this way: - Register the student for attendance - Verify if the student are right day and time - Payments must be up to date for children to participate in their classes - Identify people try entrance in the Gym facility with not authorize - People we cannot identify will not be allowed
  • Gym Rules
    - Get coaches permission to go on equipment - Always conduct Gymnastic excercises with safety in mind - Get permission to do inversions (flips) - WALK from event to event and AROUND equipment - No chewing gum in the gym - No nut products allowed - Ask permission to leave the gym, go to washrooms, etc. - No kids leaving the premises of Gymnastic Giants without a parent - Do not distract other athletes - Wait patiently for your turn - Enjoy your class!
  • Athletes have the right to...
    - Participate in this sport regardless of ability - Participate at a level that is consistent with the development of that level - Have a qualified and caring instructor - Participate in a safe and healthy environment - Have proper preparation in the sport - Have equal opportunity to strive for success
  • Coaches have the right to...
    - Have every gymansts full attention during practices and competitions - Be treated with respect by gymnasts and parents - Have the full support of the club
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