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Zoom Online Home Classes

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As a developing gymnast, home training was a huge part of my success as an athlete. I am excited to launch this new online gymnastics program for gymnasts to learn at home. Focussing on the basics of gymnastics is crucial for any gymnast and must be repeated over and over to allow better success for the more difficult skills.


These are all zoom classes with a live certified coach. Classes are one hour in length. You need a small cleared area about 10-15 ft long. A yoga mat is best or well padded carpet area or you can do this class outdoors! This class is all about core basics of gymnastics and flexibility and conditioning. Handstand work, leaps and jumps, body alignment. Also it is  great workout for kids to work on their physical fitness.

For parents looking for some exercise for their kids while they remain at home during this period.

Call 905 793 3648 and register right away and get your kids going now!

Partnered with Gymnastics U.S.A.
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