Online Summer Program 

Recreational Fun Workout and Dance Classes

Gymnastic Giants brand new Virtual Dance and Gymnastics Summer Fun Program for kids ages 6-16. Our main goal is to bring exercise fun and fitness into the home for kids. Start with the basic steps in specific classes and work our way up to combinations and routines by the end of the summer! This a weekly program. Choose a minimum of 3 classes  up to 6 classes per week. 

One hour live classes from 

Beg-Advanced. Weekday evenings

Call for booking class.

Gymnastics Zoom Classes


Zumba Class

10 min stretch

45 min  Class of 

Latin dancing combining fast and slow  rhythms


Jazz Funk

10 min stretch

40-50min teaching steps/ small routine

Last 5-10 min show to class

Yoga Gymnastics

10 min stretch

50 min yoga class infused with gymnastics

Splits Turns 



Ballet Contemporary Fusion

10 min stretch

45 min Technique work 

Plies, Turns etc.


Hip Hop

10 min stretch

50 min teach class 

Last 5 min freestyle



10 min stretch

25 teach steps

25 min teach combinations

Recreational Fun Workout and Dance Classes

Starts July 6th. Register Now!

Weekly Prices


1 class per week is...       $15/ week 

2 classes per week is...    $25/ week 

3 classes per week is...    $40/ week

4 classes per week is...    $50 / week

5 classes per week is...    $65 / week

6 classes per week is...    $75/week

If you sign up for 2 weeks full camp

           its only $120   (save $30) .

Gymnastics Zoom Classes

Monthly Prices

   These are evening weekday zoom classes

1 class per week is...       $35/ month 

2 classes per week is...    $60/ month 

3 classes per week is...    $90/ month

4 classes per week is...    $120/month


Discount Group Rate

We have group rates as well for 8 or

more people. For 2 zoom or more

classes per week.

Call for details

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